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Sir Fragsalot

What a day...

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Mechasam never shows up for our match, I get annoyed and play 'Numbskull' who proceeds to wipe the floor with me with the aid of a super shotgun.

SOME IDIOT used FDisk on one of my partitions and wipes out the rips I had made from Doom64, sending me back to square one.

And to top things off, my stats engine for AniDoom decides to corrupt, ending 4 weeks of work.


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Guest ChriS

That sucks bigtime. I am lucky I don't have days like that

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i showed up for the match, it was a one on one server, genius!

i cant help if it a moron joins the game and doesnt know how to press "t" in order to talk!

so then i had to leave, oh welll... email me privately and tell me what time and what server

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