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Welcome to the Questions forum! READ THIS THREAD

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Since this is the first new forum in a while and it's a little different from the rest, I feel I should explain what this is.

This forum is for QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ONLY. There will be no idle talk or spamming or flaming here, and to that end, this is the first forum which is moderated.

People can ask questions here, and they will show up as a mod/admin checks them out and deems them to be OK. Then, if a person has the answer, they can reply and once again the reply will be moderated etc. If the person asking the question feels their question has been sufficiently answered, they then close the thread.

NO OFFTOPIC POSTS IN THIS FORUM! Mods/admins will not want to deal with BS postings when they have to go through every one, so in this forum the standard General-forum nonsense will be punished severely.

Also, people who show themselves to be especially helpful in answering questions will be in a better position for respect/promotion in other areas of the forum :)

In conclusion, only post here if you have a real Doom-related question you'd like an answer to, or you're answering one of those questions.


Edit: A lot of people have been posting stuff and then freaking out when it doesn't immediately appear, despite the fact that this is a MODERATED forum, and then posting nineteen more messages saying "WTF WHER IS MY POST?!?!" and so on. If you do this it will annoy me and you do not want to annoy me.

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Since the original creation of this forum, the sitation has changed, and I need to clear up a few points.

First of all, this forum is no longer on post-by-post moderation, meaning, your post shows up when you post it. However, this does NOT mean that the rules against spamming, flaming, or idle talk are gone. Such actions still will not be tolerated, and any offending posts will be edited/removed.

Once a question is deemed answered, the thread will be closed in order to ward off any unnecessary replies.

IMPORTANT: Before asking a question, look through the Forum FAQ and see if it is answered there. Failing that, look through the older threads in this forum to see if your question has already been answered. I cannot stress this enough! Please avoid asking questions in this forum that have already been answered!

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