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Guest Pangier

awesome WAD file revisited TOWNHOUS.WAD

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Guest Pangier

I started telling Mr. hack about a Doom WAD file I created letting him know that PC Gamer actually placed it on their March 1996 CD. They even wrote a little blurb about it in the magazine. Most of the time they never write in the magazine about WAD files. This one they wrote that it was "the most detailed single level wad they have seen". It better have been. I spent 90+ hours on it. I got a lot of fan mail because of it too.

So Hack and I are talking about it and I have my old doom install files with me.. Since Hack wants to see it I let him load it in and we can't seem to get the command line to run the game to work anymore. "DOOM2 -FILE TOWNHOUSE.WAD" We try moving the wad file all over the place.. Even some old wad launcher programs don't seem to like Mr. Hacks "Windows ME OS".

So I yell out asking if anyone knows how to run a doom map from a command line. El Gimpo walks over and suggests that we use Zdoom to launch it. He asked what map we're trying to run, Hack says "TOWNHOUS.WAD" El Gimpo say. "Oooh a classic" and Dennis then points out that I (Dino/Pangier) created it. El Gimpo complements me on the wad file as we go over a bit of history about it being a map of my house and neighborhood. I actually built all the furniture and made five complete houses. It's actually beyond detailed. Some of the sinks have running water! So then with that, we're all charged up and want to play the level. El Gimpo hooks us up with z-doom and we're ready to go in no time. Mr. Hack took the screenshot of me(green), Justice(grey) and ermac1(blue) on the front doorstep of my home in Doom2. You can see the full screenshot HERE: or here with Ermac1 actually JUMPING in doom2! Doom never supported jumping before!

I had so much fun slaughtering people all over my neighborhood. I got to jump over furniture in my house in doom2 (for the first time) and in my neighbor's houses as well.

If you guys want to play the map. I placed it up at: / The URL also has another map I did (pangcity.wad).

I would LOVE to play that level with more than 4 spawn points (I hear that new doom supports up to 32 players). I think the map is big enough for up to 10 people. Does anyone know how to create spawn points on an old doom WAD file? I'd love it if someone could add seven more spawn points.

If this is possible, we can do a tourney at the next mega LAN event.. That'd be awesome!!!

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

If any of you live near Chicago and want to come to the biggest WEEKLY LAN event in the area, check out http://www.chicagoLANparty.com

-Dino / Pangier

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