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HERETIC VS DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If anyone has read my post in the Multi section, you'll know that i am interested in combining Doom and Heretic into one game (Sorta like Generations). Meaning Doom and Heretic can battle with their weapons and abilities (Up to Zdoom Standards) with Doom 2 and Heretic maps.

I think this is a awsome idea (And i have the idea of having the installer search for Heretic on your system to prevent this project being shutdown for legal reasons). The problem is, i have no clue how or even know if this can even be done! Heres what i have planned

-Have Mutiple classes (Doom and heretic)

-Be able to play Doom 2 levels and Heretic episodes (Complete with Weapons, items and enemies without replacing any doom stuff)

If any of this can be done with Zdoom, post here and tell me. Also post if you are interested in helping me make this project work, possibly forming a team and/or website!

Don't e-mail me anytime soon, just post here. i'm getting a new adress some time this week or next week.

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Guest ChriS

That sounds interesting

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Guest spacedog

Well the next version of zdoom will have HeXen support so you could use that for the multiple character classes also the weapons in doom and heretic look differentbut act thesame, so you just have to switch the graphics

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Hey, this sounds very interesting! Unfortunately, I'm busy in "Perforated Entrails". BUT, if this is finished (something around Decembre) I would help you! And I have some more ideas for ya...

1. Create a Deathmatch MOD including Heretic, Doom, Doom2, Strife and Hexen! Only Doom(2) and Heretic isn't enough!
2. Do not use all the Levels from Doom(2) and Heretic! Use only those, which are compatible for a Deathmatch Game (for ex.: Doom2 - Map07, Heretic E1M1, Hexen - ...etc.)
3. Let the Player use ALL the Weapons from all the Games OR let him only use those weapons, which his skin could use (for ex.: Marine - BFG9000, Chainsaw, etc. ; Monk - Hellstaff, etc.)
4. Make it same with the items! Let the player use all items or only those, who are in his game.
5. Let us (or you) create new levels, which include parts of Doom and Heretic at once! Perhaps combine MAP01 of Doom with E1M5 of Heretic!
6. PLEASE send me an E-Mail because now, after writing this, I'm very interested in creating something like this! It sounds cool :-)


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Well, i'm not too sure about adding Strife (I only played the demo and i wasen't too impressed). Plus since the Hexen guys only have 4 weapons, they would probably get their arses kicked!

Plus, i wanted to do a Single player. So i just may HAVE (hehe) to include the heretic stuff

OF COURSE I COULD ALWAYS MAKE NEW LEVELS!!! But can you have Doom 2 and Heretic enemies in the same map without replacing anyone?

Oh, and finally, A lot of the Heretic Weapons are COMPLETELY diffrent than that of Doom (Speeds, damage and such)

You guys should make the levels since i'm not a MAJOR for that kinda stuff. If you wanna really help, i need a webpage for this project!

Also you should know that i know a few things about Dehacked, so i can be the Team Leader/Dehacker! (If Dehacked is even needed. I dunno, i'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to MODS)

I'm Thinking of the name Phobia (I dunno, the name Fear is cool too, but...)

OH OH!!! I have a "slogan for the mod": ...The Power of the past...The Arsenal of the Future...A deadly monk...a badass marine...join forces?...or become enemies?...PHOBIA

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