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and many years later... NAM

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Hey, i've got the game, it's so fucking corny. There are so many bugs in that game it's not funny! When I was playing that game, this is seriouse, I lughed so friggen hard that I puked! When you gather friendly marines, they jump on top of each other, randomly blow up, shoot each other, call in air strikes, and when they get hurt, they all sound the same, and go "Aww damnit i'm hit!" . And when you die, ok, you are FREAKING DEAD, and a medic walks over to you dead body, and keeps say this phrase over and over: "You need another serime shot for those wounds".

But anyway, if you need the damn game [don't be stupid and ask for / offer it here - Mordeth].

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Guest ChriS

how do you expect to mail a 14mb IWAD? :P

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I have problems with games dealing with tragic subjects like the vietnam-war by making no efforts to render that they are only fiction. Doom makes no doubt about that it is fiction (but well worth to dream about). Another game like Nam may be "Damage Incorporated" which makes the player comanding a squadron of GIs fighting against religious militias. Do not get me wrong: I am a true DOOM fan who loves gore and seas of blood, but I am not sure that real war (human vs human) is fit for making games about it. There is too much sadness.

Damage Inncorporated is a great game though, because it is technically superb! Based on the great Marathon engine (I stated playing fps on my AppleMacintosh with Marathon) it adds the ability to command virtual marines by activating keystrokes to give predifined orders to them.

Another great Marathon-clone is "ZPC".

And: Asking for warez here will end in deleting your account, so hurry up editing your post before ling sees it :-)

Well, I have edited this reply 8 times or so - made too much typos - I am a bit drunken (have had a few beers)

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