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Virus warning!

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I just found out that my computer has had some kind of worm virus for quite a while now. It appears to be able to spread itself in several ways, so far it's done it via e-mail and over the LAN I have at home. If anyone's been sent anything by me over the past couple of months or so, make sure you check for it.

You can do this by closing all programs, CTRL+ALT+DELing, and seeing if Notepad is listed. If it is, you've got it.

The only thing the worm seems to do is gradually eat up all your memory. It is, however, very cleverly programmed, in that I have yet to find an anti-virus program that can actually get rid of it.

The way to get rid of it apparently involves changing several things in your registery. I'm not sure of the details right now, but when I get them I'll post them in this thread. Or if anyone else knows about this virus or how to get rid of it, help would be appreciated.

In the meantime, just ending it in CTRL+ALT+DEL should stop it doing anything until next time you go into Windows.

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qrzhsq. something?

I got it... and got rid of it :)

1) you ahve to replace notepad.exe - it is the culpret.

...you ahve to edit your windows registry and it is in some startup thingy, this keeps the new notepad from trying to open it every time you boot up.

I had the luxury of having "norton utilities" and "norton cleansweep" which for the most part dusted it.

I used their registry editor to search for that qrz-whatever filename reference, found it, and deleted that F*ing sucker.

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