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And now for some good news...

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Relatively soon (i.e. when I get rid of that virus) I'll be releasing Nightmare texture set 3, which will have all the good textures from sets 1 and 2 and Surge 2, plus a LOT more, including:

-Texture groups, such as METAL2 and GRAY* variants

-Replacements for the "bad" textures (from, ahem, the "incident")

-Improvements to existing Nightmare 1 and even Doom 2 textures

Inspiration has come from the Darkening E1 and E2, Doom 3057 (screenshots), the Mars Missions preview, the KZDoom maps, Gothic DM, and Mordeth E2 (being on the team has its advantages :) ).

Generally the textures are designed for techno and industrial type levels, although there are several textures made with city, gothic, medieval and even hellish themes in mind. There are also several environmental textures, such as rock, snow, ice, etc.

This is more or less that texture set that I'm using to create Paradox, so you know it will be good =p

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Hmm, no-one's replied, so I'll make one myself to make more people look at this...

Heh, only joking :) But I forgot to say before, I've been heavily inspired by a couple of other WADS that I forgot to mention, namely Michael Krause's Darkstar and Paul Maurone's City of Doom Beta. Just letting you know 'caus I plan on releasing a few samples and I don't want anyone getting pissed off again =p

One other thing; if anyone has any specific texture requests then let me know (either here or via my e-mail address, nick@frad.org). I'm not too good at tiny little details (i.e. tech textures and stuff), but any sensible ideas will be happily recieved :)

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