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C'MON! Someone here HAS to know the email address or SOMETHING to ATLEAST ONE of the members at DOOMNATION! I want to email one of them, and find out what the Hell happened!!!! DOOMNATION ROCKED! If it were'nt for DooMnation, I probably wouldnt have started this big of a deal with DooM!!! I've stuck with DooMNation since it came out!!! DAMNIT! GIVE ME ONE OF THIER EMAIL ADDRESSES!!!!!!!!!

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Guest fraggle`

this has been said a thousand times before. frag.com went down for a 'server change' and never came back (although it appears it may be returning now). Doomnation was hosted on frag.com so that went with it. No-one, including the doomnation members, knows exactly why the server never came back so emailing them will be a waste of time.

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