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Doom 2 Quake2 MOD

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Just in case no one knew, I just got through playing all 3 episodes of the hell we all know so well, IN THE Q2 ENGINE.

Lighting kicks ass and the nostalgia just is amazing. Great stuff. . .

So what are you fuggin waiting for, download the damn thing ! !

www.qeradiant.com look for the banner with it on it. Its in the tutorials section I think.

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Damn strait! I have a fuggen 56k and it was Hell worth the download man! And hell, at leat he put in decent monsters {fiend, chaingunguy} HEheheh. That damn mod rocks. Too bad I couldn't get YPOD to work..

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Guest JelloBiafra
marauder said:

Heres the url :


bad ass man. Fuggin bad ass. .

Wow, those download sizes don't look too good right now. I'll do it tomorrow, or maybe I'll download one tonight and save the rest for tomorrow. Either way, I'm looking forward to playing it.

P.S. Nirvana's cool, Kurt Cobain ruled.

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Not all that bad... but the regular maps with JDoom are just so much better.

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