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Has Trent gone to work with the DooM3 music yet?
Or is he gonna do it like Quake? Wait a few months, then wait untill DooM3's release is in two days, then make the music?
Damnit! He better get to work on it!!! And if he has, is the a place to download it from? (didn't think so}.

-Sorry if you think other wise, this is only MY OPINION.
{wheres Bobby when you need him?}

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Damn you :) I just had a witty thought and I was going to tell him to watch his language around here. Ya beat me to it though.
Oh well, great minds think alike or something....

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Lüt said:

Please don't swear.

Heheh, might as well post that that made me luagh! HEhehe

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