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Hey everyone. Ok, I haven't had time to follow the forums that closely because of exams (Three on Wednesday and Thursday...) but what has happened to the Doomshack?? Anyone know?? Why hasn't anyone mentioned it??

Don't turn up to an exam with no sleep. I did that last week and it didn't turn out to be that smart an idea.

Criminal law is so damn funny I'll paste in this case summary...

Collins 1973
× A convicted of burglary with intent to rape.
× Took off all his clothes (except socks) at night outside V's house. Saw a ladder, climbed up. Stood on window sill - obviously excited.
× The lady was sleeping. Awoke and saw him. She thought it was her boyfriend and invited him in. Not clear if he had already started to enter.
× They had sex. She then found out that this wasn't her boyfriend. She slapped him. He went down the ladder and was arrested by the police.
× Charged with burglary with intent to commit rape.
× Defence to rape: Consent (belief in)
× Defence to burglary: she invited him in - not entering as a trespasser.

BTW, the socks bit has no relevance at all.

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Guest fraggle`

Is doomshack dead? We can only hope that we will not have to endure any more of doomfreak's whining.

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