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Guest outkast

how the f do i beat "the icon of sin"?

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Well if you talking about the one in level 30 in doom2 then...

1. You use the pictures of the icon to lower the huge lifts
2. Go to the top and flip the switch on the skull
3. A big tower rises from the nukage infront of the icon.
4. Once it stops moving up, jump into the nukage and lower it
5. It will come down to you, then you get on and go up with it
6. Just before the lift passes deadcenter with the exposed brain
(Exposed brain is where the cubes come out of)you shoot a rocket
into it and it will make a grunt noise.
7. Once the lift stops, you wont be able to shoot anything into it, your rockets will just barely go above the exposed brain.
8. You then jump off the lift, preferable where the radation suits are and then lower the lift again and do the same thing until it is dead.

It will take awhile before you get your timing just right on the lift to get a rocket into its brain.

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Guest spacedog

the best place to shoot from is probably when you're passing the chin, however if you use legacy or suchlike, you can wait till you get to the top and aim downwards, it's a bit of a cheat, but only a bit

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Guest Lurmy

Yah, but if it gits rid of the trouble with that irritating boss it works for me.

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ah the icon of sin, I hated that level, I in a fit of eleven year old rage just clipped through and shot John's head... hehe

you know that sound at the begining of the level???

if you play it backwards it say "To win the game you must kill me, John Romero" honest..

yeah but you probably already knew that


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