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In Rememberance Of Mildonar

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This isn't DOOM-related, but oh well... Let me relate to you my experience, which happened at approximitely 3:15 PM, this Halloween Day...


Character Name: Mildonar
Realm or Open: Realm, USEast
Character Class: Paladin
Character Level: 29
Location of Death: Chaos Sanctuary
Difficulty Level of Death: Normal
Cause of Death: Diablo, Lag


Well, I had spent ten days getting my Paladin up to this level. Mildonar had his share of scary experiences.. Nearly being flamed to death in the Flayer Dungeons... Getting some shock thery from laggy experiences, only to turn out all right. He made his way to level 28, and wanted to kill Diablo. To make it through the four acts in the Normal skill level was a very exciting thought.

He created a game entitled "Kill Diablo HC". Waited around in the Pandemonium Fortress.. A Necromancer joined.. Then a Barbarian. Another Necromancer.. Hoping, hoping for a Sorceress to join, but none did, other than a low level 8. So okay, a couple of Barbarians, a couple of Necromancers, another Paladin, things should be okay.. He entered the River Of Flame.. Another friend followed. Then another one came down. Until we had about six guys battling through the River Of Flame. I kept a low profile. After all, he who hesitates, does so with good reason! ... I felt very ambivalent about this. But the other guys were doing okay. I felt confident. After all, even if I did nothing, I would get credit for defeating Diablo. I created the game... We battled through the Chaos Sanctuary. Slowly, but surely. The bone mages, skeleton mages, they took most of the hits. I took little damage. We fought our way through the semi-bosses. We came to the last seal. I felt the ground shake. I launched a portal. About three guys bailed for town. A Necromancer and a Barbarian remained. I stayed a bit of a distance from Diablo.. I saw his ring of flame shoot past me. Then some red lightning, which dit a bit of damage, but not much. I stayed away from this scene. I wasn't about to take potshots at Diablo. Ready to leave, I launched another portal.. I saw Diablo lumbering toward me. Oh my, I clicked on the portal which was sitting right beside me. Then the lag set in........

.... "Oh my, oh my oh my.. Ummm, hmmmmm.." I said, as I hit one, two, one two, the potions in my belt, about one second apart. Nothing happened for a few seconds. All while clicking repeatedly on the town portal. Then it cleared away.. And I was left with a groaning sound, the sound of tinkling gold, like a sleigh bell.. And that awful message that I've read so much about, but never seen in person. For a moment, it was almost surreal.

Mildonar had bravely fought to this level.. And that everything was gone.. Just like that.. My items.. 336,365 gold.. And if any consolation were available, I looked for messages of support on the screen to honor Mildonar's death.. "I get some of the gold!" one of them spouted out.. And that was it. Nobody said anything. They were too self-absorbed. I knew I had allowed several people to loot my corpse. I guess I just wasn't thinking. As soon as I hit that escape key, all was lost. I deleted Mildonar.. Started a new Paladin with the exact same name. I tried to rejoin "Kill Diablo HC", but the game was full... I tried again, and again... And again... And again.... Nobody would leave room for me. Eventually I did get in. When I did, nobody was around. Diablo must have been slain. I guess that was the end of it.

Well, I had just made my way to level 29. And then the earthquake.. And then all was lost. But don't worry... Mildonar is reborn. He will fight back, and will be triumphant once again! In only a few days... That's all it takes.. It was just a few days...

Greatest Regret: I would have to say, not entering that portal sooner.. But that's just how it went. That's what this game is. There's a lot to lose. All my gold, items, *siiigh*.. I guess I don't have many regrets. Mildonar had a good life. And being the first hardcore character I ever had, I think he made me proud. No, no regrets. It was a good life.

Famous Last Words: "Oh my, oh my oh my.. Ummm, hmmmmm.."

What Could Have Prevented This Tragedy: Entering the portal sooner. I should have been watching out for lag, but it just wasn't that bad. I hit a lag spike.. And that was actually the first character I had ever lost to lag. Normal or hardcore. Never had any problems. But no, this death couldn't have been prevented. Because it happened. That's what happened. It could not have played itself out any differently, because that's how it played itself out. Mildonar had a good life...

Screenshot - http://andrewb.net/images/screenshot211.jpg -

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