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Guest ZarcyB

OK so I'm bored....

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Guest ZarcyB

Modelling 3d cars all day long isnt exactly fun, especially when you aren't getting paid for it. Someone brighten up my boring life. Please!

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Well, excitement hasn't turned out to be great either.

My day (TODAY!):

8:37 - Something in my backpack goes BANG.
8:38 - Stinkbomb discovered in my backpack
8:39-8:45 - Cleaning out backpack. "Borrow" Lysol from janitor's closet
8:46 - Finish temporary cleaning. Discover that my speech notes have been stunk up. I'm also late for class.
8:48-9:30 - Re-type speech notes, fix some errors. Deposite old notes in the circular filing cabinet.
9:35 - Deliver speech, everything goes fairly well for the rest of the day.
3:05 - Run out of time in math test, go to locker.
3:07 - Discover that bomb has ruined my walkman headphones. Walk home annoyed and silent.
3:08-onwards - Tally up damages on bill to present to guilty party.

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