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Update on nmtext3.wad

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Its coming very soon now. I think I've gotten rid of the virus I mentioned awhile ago, but I want to be 100% so no-one else gets affected.

My brother is meant to be sending me a copy of Norton Anti-virus 2000 via snail mail as it's way too large to download on my crappy 56k modem, especially with the extremely expensive phone call rates in these uni accomodation rooms.

I'm also planning on letting people who's textures I used for inspiration, such as Gaston Lahaut, Frederik Johansson, Kurt Kesler, Ola Bjorling and various others view that WAD version in case they feel I've duplicated their original work too closely or something.

In the meantime, I'm adding a bunch of Gothic DM type stuff, and the WAD passed the four meg mark a couple of days ago.

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