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DM2INT.MID or MP2 Comments/ARGH!/Nostalgia

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If you havent ever listened to DooM 2s Intermission music, i suggest u do! Its the music in doom that holds most nostalgia-feeling. Besides. Its a kick-ass Tune! You can download it at The music section of doomworld.com. Its in MP2 format, and luckily, its one of the only MP2 tunes THERE that sounds correct! Most of em have the wrong instruments at times. I have a Midi module, made by ROLAND. Its a Sound Canvas. Take a look at it here. www.Nautrup.com/mm/sc-55_595.jpg
Its a wonderfull thing. It was MADE for the midi-file(actually keyboards) but it has all the instruments right. So what you hear in those MP2s arent always correct!

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