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I will do the d64 sprites but plz read this

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I need to know if anyone has any clue how to decompile a rom its alot easier to decompile it than to take screenshots.
So if anyone has a decompiler i will do da sprites ok?

And it will probably be for zdoom because i don't think
legacy can support dehackedness either.
And we will have to use zdoom's colored lighting too.
But still I will be able to do it if someone can get me a decompiler to do extract the stuff oh and I might
do d64 styled sprites for the ones that weren't in d64.

If anyone can help me here i would be in your debt forever guys.


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I'll do the sprites, 'cuz it takes a LONG time to learn ROM hacking. As for the engine, I think that JDoom would replicate the 'style' of Doom64 the best.

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Guest Acid One

I got my hands on some decompilers and rippers for N64, but after some exhaustive tests none of them seemed to work... all that I got was corrupt images, NOTHING that I would truly call recognizable.

I have an AMD K6 500mhz, 96RAM, and a Riva TNT2 Model 64.
if anyone has a clue on how to run ultrahle, nemu or korn or any decent bloody emulator that don't glitches, properly, I'll be EXTREMELY grateful, and the DooM Community too, after the sprites ripping.

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