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Anyone ever seen this?

Recently I was going to doomworld.com when I accidentally mistyped the URL and left out the M. I arrived at dooworld.com, which seems to be for some kind of swedish family entertainment complex. Weird.

This reminds me of a topic I saw on a Perfect Dark message board a month or so ago. Someone had been going to nintendo.com, but accidentally typed nintemdo.com

The site that appeared was an advertising site (instead of URL not found or some "You can register this domain!" site). This was obviously done by parties unknown to catch unwary users.

Though that dooworld.com thing would likely be a coincidence.

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Linguica said:

Mordeth warned people once not to go to domworld.com in The Box and a lot of people complained :)

I've accidentally gone there before, not a bad site >:)

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