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Perforator said:

Oh, then I best be getting that prophicy 2. But why the hell have software mode i it runs slower then malassis.

heh you crack me up. It isnt a software mode, thats just windows emulating GL thru software.

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You know, I actually managed to take a screenshot of the Quake 2 demo, with full anti-aliasing, smooth-lighting, and all that fancy stuff, back when I had a cheap little video card, using software mode. So yes, software acceleration can be useful. For the purpose of waiting two minutes for it to render one frame, then taking a single screenshot. But it's best to be able to able to run with acceleration off first, then switch to the fancy eye-candy mode in mid-game; which is what I did with the Quake 2 demo a couple of years back. So yes, software mode does have a purpose. That purpose would be defeated though, if you were to simply get a new video card.

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