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hey sir fragsolot i got some help for you

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I can just email u all the midis for the d64 project we doin if u want.And i am also starting work on doing new sprites for da arch-vile, chaingunguy , revenant, and the ss nazi (although i dont know how to make him shoot in more than one direction), i can't do the spidermastermind because i also have lots of other stuff to do as well. Also read the post that says to:Sir fragsolot and macvilewhore it has some pretty cool stuff there that we can do. We should also add some special zdoom features(i.e. in some areas with water make it deep and the lava areas make them deep too and make them kill you) we should also add the other monsters that arent there that i gonna do the sprites for into some of the existing levels. Try to make it compatible with zdoom and add all the d64 features into it. And what would also be cool would be if we could get it compatible with csdoom and play it over the net :) So please reply to this post soon as you see it ok?

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