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what program explores n64 roms like wintex?

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If there is one it would really help, and guys the doom64 tc wont happen in a day, it takes a very long itme to rip a whole game and add all sorts of other stuff, we wont need to replace any stuff because its already there, i will just add in a completly sweet new revenant , chaingunguy , and archvile , spider mastermind will be done by sir fragsolot (i hope) , if anyone has a program like this it would help greatly and we would be sure to give him/her the first demo that can come outta our ass. But it will take like 6 monthes if i dont have a program like that, i know how much you all wanna see the tc, but would u also like to see it with multiplayer csdoom support :)!!!!!!!!!! Any helpful replies would be sweet.

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