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sir fragsolot how do you use a hex editor?

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Well, once you load up a file in it (ANY file) you should see a bunch of lines like: FF03F8D8320911...

This is the binary of the file, in hexadecimal format. FF=255. Now, most console games use "Tiles" to draw their things. The hard part is finding out which hex digits correspond to which tiles. If you can find out the hex of the tiles, you can then probably extract them by putting that digit sequence all over the place. Just remember that tiles aren't the only things stored as hex. The hex at the beginning probably represents the pure code. I wish I knew assembler, then deciphering the code would be easy. It's just trial and error in finding which tiles you need. Keep at it!

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here is how hex coding works:

you will see two characters in each byte, some are letters (up to F), some are numbers.

they work just like normal numbers on a 10 scale (every ten you add another digit to the left), but that it is a 16 system here.

for example:

09 = 9
0A = 10
0F = 16

now the confusing part:

19 = 16 + 9 = 25
66 = (6*16) + 6 = 102
FF = 255

the left digit increases by one every time the right one is increased by 16.

01 = 1
0A = 10
0F = 16
10 = 17

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