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Will Doom II work on my computer?

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I bought Doom II when it first was released (I can't remember the year.) That was three computers ago, when I was running it on a 486. Now, I have a Pentium III 550mhz machine running with Windows 98. I tried getting Doom to work on my previous Pentium III, but it caused problems with the PC and had to be deleted.

How can I get Doom II to work on my new computer, without any problems? Here, let me give you a couple stats on my system, if that would help.

Pentium III at 550mhz
Windows 98
32 Meg 3d Blaster Annihilator 2 GTS

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Using a Win32 source port such as Legacy, ZDoom, PrBoom etc. should allow you to run any registered v1.9 Doom game including shareware quite nicely. You can download all of these ports among others from the source ports section right here on Doomworld.


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Guest doomgod12345

i have almost the same system and i have not had any probs with doom also the original doom at v1.9 will run on windows me well

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