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Still some questions on installing Doom II

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Ok, I just downloaded the Doom II 95 shareware from Id Software (I really don't want to mess around with patching my old full version, all I really want to do is add some .wads.)

Now, last time I did this, I had problems with my Windows 98 system after the installation of Doom II 95. Is there anything special I need to do this time to get it working correctly without causing any problems with my system?

P.S. There real reason I'm doing this is because a tradition of mine is to play H2H-Xmas Doom II during the holiday season!

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That's the thing you see. Pretty near all the Win32 ports also require that you use a v1.9 wad file. You really should go through the trouble of patching up your Doom iwads. It's mandatory if you want things to work correctly.

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