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I Want a Picture Icon of My Own

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I already know how to add one of the existing icons to my profile, but I don't like the current selection. i think they all belong to others. How do I upload one of my own to use?

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10:23 ????? It's 10:30 EST ?? Aaaargh !

In Germany it's already 6:30 PM - and I still have to wait 7 1/2 hours until the 10sec-Megawad comes out ... that's 2:00 AM.

This is gonna be a looong night.

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Guest JelloBiafra

Just go into the area where you edit your profile. Near the bottom is a little blue link about uploading a file. Just click on it, then find the file you want to upload using locate. These are the requirements..
filetypes supported: .gif
maximum filesize: 3000 bytes

You may upload a 36X36 GIF to use as your face. Once you have uploaded the image you want, e-mail Linguica and he will enable it (then you can modify your user data to choose it). If you abuse this option, it WILL be removed from the board and you WILL be banned!!

So just upload and email Ling and he will upload it. However it can take a while, took about 2 1/2 weeks to get mine on there.
Hope this helped.

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