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nmtext3 soon!

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Okay, it's pretty much finished. I'm really pleased with this, there are some really nice looking textures. I've got around 30 textures based on METAL2 and a similar number based on GRAY*, all of which look pretty cool. In particular I really like the metal textures with warning stripes on them that I've done.

Apart from making a few more flats of textures, I've just got to add in two different types of lighting effects textures (for ports that allow transparent textures only).

First there's textures for Quake 3 style floor/ceiling lighting effects, as seen in FBASE4 and some of the Perforated Entrails screenshots, and then there's some textures for fake dynamic lighting effects on walls.

Then I'll upload it for the approval of some people who've heavily influenced this WAD (as mentioned in previous posts) and when they tell me everythings okay, it'll be publically released.

BTW I've also almost finished the update of Classic 4 for Anthony Soto, so you can expect the full Classic episode soon too... :)

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Oh yeah, one thing...

Should I do "full" coloured lights (i.e. darker colours) like the blue one in Doom, or subtle lights (i.e. light colours) as in the Darkening E2 and Quake 2?

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