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Malice Rancor, Jeremy and ZarcyB

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I hope mentioning names gets your attention. I could have said this via the wonder of E-Mail, but I beleive there's something of importance to be said, and hopefully heard. I have noticed that the aforementioned (If I'm not mistaken, new to the scene, like myself) and other 'newcomers' don't really seem to be listened to that much (I've had some great advice - THANKS to everyone that took the time! But most of my posts are met with silence) regarding projects and levels, etc.

We are asking for advice (Myself mostly). Many of the regulars here have been doing this kind of thing for _years_ now, and our efforts may seem retarded, and just plain amateurish. Not worth the time to experienced doomers, maybe. But without a couple of helpful pointers most steps of the way, our efforts will _always_ be retarded.

All I ask is that maybe guys like myself, Jeremy, etc. get a little feedback -- we ARE true doomers, even if we haven't been at it for long. When the Doom3 specific crowd get here with they're 'Old games are retarded' attitudes get here, I for one certainly don't want to be ignored with them.

Anyway, my rant is over. Again, thanks to anyone that has ever given me any advice (About two or three of you) and, if any of the aforementioned aren't newcomers, then sorry about the mistake, but even the -in-human get it wrong sometimes.

Mail me with your comments, fellow newcomers (Address to the left)

And if you experienced Doom gods feel up to giving some advice, my work is at www.geocities.com/jayextee and probably needs improving on.

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Allthough im not a newbie, i would still like some comments! Comments=Faster development. I'm sure you will agree to that point Jay!


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Shaviro said:

Comments=Faster development

I'd not thought of that when I was up on my soapbox, but it too is a great point. Out of principle, everyone that replies to any of my posts in a constructive way, I'm going to check their stuff out. You're first.

Mind you, after my rant, it'd make me a hypocrite not to ;)

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The atmosphere in the forums here at doomworld has a tendency to be quite harsh, raw and for some unfriendly. Although there are nice people too, fanatic and tarin are usually very friendly when it comes to answering people's questions and there are alot more people like that (although i cant remember them right now :)

however, you might want to try the forums at zdoom (if the question is remotely concerning zdoom (as most original-doom, level editing, wintex questions etc are) that is :) as the atmosphere over there is *alot* more friendly (i.e. no you-suck-I-rule posts)

in either case, keep posting about all questions you have, hopefully they'll be answered... :o)

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A couple of points in response to your post. First, you'll probably get a reply if you are specific in your question. There are plenty of folk here who are not only knowledgeable but helpful too. I agree that there are times that one would like general advice, particularly about one's work. However, most people are unlikely to download your levels and check them out just to give you advice.

Second, don't be disheartened if people don't reply to your post of if they give you crap. There'll always be some people who would rather ridicule than offer constructive criticism. Still, if you maintain a mature attitude your posts will be better received and your work will probably be better respected.

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