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DW doesn't sho my NEWS

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DoomWorld doesn't show my news, which I have sent 3 times each second day! The News are about the whole "Orbit Interactive" Stuf (X-MAS DM, Perforated Entrails, Back to Hell) but they don't show the news! And I don't know why! The News are very important in my Eyes!
i hope some Doomer from DW will read this post and tell me why!

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Linguica said:

I don't see any recent updates on the news pages.

Well, does this mean, you will only update my send-in news, if our news are updated? Well, I didn't know that! My news which I send you was only an announcement! I didn't know, that I have to update the site too!
Well, ok! Thank you for the explanation! :-)
I'm going to update now the site in a few days and then I will send again some news, hoping, that you will see, that my site is updated and you will show the news!

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Shaviro said:

I tried to check your site. But i canceled it after about 10 minutes! Just to slow man!

Dude, just shut the fuck up about my page. Its better than yours, WOW, only a bit slower.

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Your page is:
1. Bad
2. Too slow
3. a page, where no one wants to look for Doom related things!

My ideas for making this better:
1. Redesign your page (coĆ³ler and smaller grafics)
2. Don't use this shit text links
3. Forget 1. and 2. because this will take years!

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