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Stuff coming from me .soon. !

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I've been very busy lately. First of all, it's crunch time on university assignments at the moment, I've still got two left to do (including a group presentation that I'm actually having to research and present on my own. grrr...) and one to rewrite.

Anyway, Anthony Soto and Sam Woodman have been breathing down my neck about my Classic 4 remake (Anthony's worse than my university lecturers =p) and TOJ E1M3 respectively, as these levels are both preventing releases by not being finished (the full Classic episode and a TOJ demo). Hopefully you can see both these things soon (Anthony wants Classic out by Christmas).

Of course after these two I _am_ working on nmtext 3. Promise. It's just I keep getting more cool ideas. Current size? 5.2 meg. No DCK users then =p Well, only Tarin cares about it anyway :)

After experimenting with it for awhile, I'm also at last discovering the joys of ACS scripting in ZDoom, and have been adding it to map01 of Paradox in vast quantities, with a view to releasing a demo in the not too distant future. It may also include map15 which I've also been scripting (originally made by prower, although I doubt he'd recognise it now), but we'll have to see...

(BTW Tarin, that light graphic from fbase4 looks REALLY cool if you set the translucency to about 40 :) )

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