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Guest xaero

Another skyboxes question.

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Guest xaero

Hello there DooMers.

I just wanted to ask another question, This time about how
Skyboxes actually work.

Because i am thinking of using this feature in one of
my maps for Zdoom and it would help if i could better
understand how this great looking feature works in relation
to map design.

And on the same track, will the skybox sky rendering option
in Zdoom ver 1.23 enable the use of higher res textures
or are we stuck with 256*240 pixel textures, because Unreal
seems to use very high resolution sky textures and it would
be very cool if Zdoom could use this too.


Visit my site daily: http://www.doomguy.f2s.com

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I was thinking..You know how there are moving walls in doom...Hin hint..How about a picture of Clouds, or the black sky with mars or the moon or whatever, and slappin on a moving ceiling, have a border around the whole level, like giant walls, and behind the border, going up to the ceiling is a wall with a picture of mountains or water or whatever.

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