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Guest Jay

QMass.net Running csDOOM and Stats!

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Guest Jay

Hey fellow DOOM players. I definitely just played csDOOM with a few guys from C! until 5:15:am this morning. Damn I'm a waste of space.

Anyway, I'm just posting to let you all know that <a href="http://www.qmass.net">QMass.net</a>, a rather large gaming network run by yours truly, has a csDOOM server on an East coast T1 .edu line, and that we run our homegrown fraglog parser usually twice a week to update our DOOM stats section. Check us out, and drop by for a game or two. Over the course of Sunday evening and Monday we saw over 40 players and over 1300 frags!
The server is at and is running DWANGO5.wad. We're totally open for suggestions as for what wad to run, and I'm looking forward to the release of Chainsaws and Boomsticks SE :)

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