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All deleted :(

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God damnit. I have spent the last two weeks on a project of my own. I was just getting to be finished, the ONLY thing I had left to do, was reset the Player Start position with DooMCad.
Well, DooMCad decided to FUCK UP, and that FUCKED UP MY WHOLE WAD.

Guess what was in that wad? I had replaced ALL the weapons, ALL the textures, and ALL the monsters! I replaced EVERYTHING! It was going to be a mideavel DooM, you weapons were: short sword, electric hands, staff, long sword, electric burning hands, long bow, magic missile, and "super chicken".

The new awsome monsters were a fire elemental, a beholder, and a mage. I had also replaced all of the artifacts, and barresl with Heretic artifact's, and the "Gas Spore" to the barrel. The new level consisted of a very large awsome cave with lots of action and death match compatable.

But it fucking had to be destroyed, of course, that my FUCKING LUCK. Life sooo sucks, REALLY FUCKING BAD.

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Guest pickle_hammer

Ahahaha you suck!
backup your files, dumbass!

Jeremy the whiner.....

look. it happened... we cant fix it... and we DONT CARE!!!
post on some other board, like maybe a gay/lesbian support forum

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Wow that really sucks. I'm really paranoid about loosing my stuff, cause uh it happens allot. But I always keep 2 extra backups of my map and 1 extra backup of my Wintex stuff.

What I do is save over mapA.wad then mapB.wad and keep switching. Once I test it out, I make sure everything is ok and then I copy mapA.wad and paste it in the folder called "Backup", which I keep in the same folder as mapA.wad mapB.wad. And whenever I make changes to the .Wad that holds my sounds,sprites etc... I copy and paste that in the backup folder too. I keep it in another folder just to make sure I don't accidently save over it.

Sometimes there are tricks to get past bugs in your editor too.
I do tons of stuff to keep Windeu32 from turning my .wads into dust. Like when I save, I don't save over the map that was opened with Windeu, I first save on mapB.wad. If I save over the map that was opened with Windeu32 first, then I run the risk of it giving me an error message something like this "tried to rename .bak" or something. When that happens, Windeu usually has erased the .bak file that it makes for me and the .wad that I was working on.

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Every level I save gets named something different each time I save it. After I play the newest version and determine that there is nothing wrong with it, it gets copied to the older version, and so on until the map is done. Just about every editor I've used has some weird bug that can ruin an entire level.

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