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Simplicity- A D-]I[ Story.

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I was recently thinking. {wow, that dont happen to often}, and I thought, {that either} on how people argue weather DooM-]|[ should be Hell-Spawn style gothic, or Alien style futur. Well, to tell you the truth, i'm getting kindof sick of Hell-Spawn. But I don't like Alien either. ... But mix them together, think, really hidiouse, demonic aliens. I mean, hell, Sin's limbs fell and shriveld on the untold miles of Hell, so, so much for Hell-Spawn :P But when I say alien, I know your thinking of boring space-ships, and retarted green aliens with ray guns...DONT THINK THAT!

Think that earth was beyond repair, and harmfull radiation leaked out into the air, and we needed to search for a new home. The futur space craft's we have are capable of journeying to the edge of our very own universe! Well, since our universe is made up of "voids", which is big clusters of galaxies, and the vaccum space, each void is different, like another dimension. Our space-ship travels to a very far away void to seek shelter far from our demon infested satanic void. The ship crashes on a small planet, which is made up of one half a jungle, and one half a desert. The daylight is dim, there are only two stars far away keeping the planet warm, two red giants, but they are old, and faroff. In the night, shambling noises from the woods keep you awake. Suddenly, very hideouse aliens come from the jungle. Things that looked worse than any demon you ever seen, but that's not just it...from your crashed ship, a blue light apears, the light shift's color until it is red... BOOM! The whole ship blows up, and the only thing there is a single red portal. {This is where it branches off too either of these two..}

{1}. You grab your only arsenal, and run, not thinking, and jump into the portal, hoping to seek shelter from the aliens. Bam! You hit the ground. It smell's familiar, and it's very hot. The ground is hard and dusty. You slowly straggle up, to notice wall's with a green tint, and symbols carved into it. One say's the ol' famouse saying, "You can run, but you cannot hide, hahaha!". You fall and lean against the wall, with your hand on your head, you realise what's happening...All over agian. One wall opens, and a blue orb comes in. In the orb, you see his face again. His damn grinning goat face, and then his whole body, there is a Cyberdemon standing next to him....or at least next to his foot.

{2}. You grab your arsenal, and stand clear, whatching yuor comrads fight these aliens, and out of the portal.... You knew it. The damned scientist's had too....Demons poor through. The aliens immediately take thier eyes off the humans, and focus on the demons. Now it's the fight for life. Aliens and Humans alike.

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Guest Aiylyn

the monsters in Doom 1 and Doom 2 were aliens.

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Right. The enemy might be referred to as "aliens" in some of the Doom 2 texts, but anything not from this world can be called alien, whether it be from another planet, or another dimension, e.g. Hell.

If you're racist you can call people from other countries "alien" and still be using the term in a correct way.

Now, the evidence that they're Hellspawn (taken from the GAMES, not the crappy, horrible, badly scripted and factually incorrect novels):

Doom: Episode 2 is called "The Shores of Hell", and from the text at the end of that episode:

"Deimos floats above Hell itself! You've never heard of anyone escaping from Hell, but you'll make the bastards sorry they ever heard of you! Quickly, you rappel down to the surface of Hell".

From the text at the end of episode 3:

"A hidden doorway opens and you enter. You've proven too tough for Hell to contain, and now at last Hell plays fair -- for you emerge from the door to see the green fields of Earth!


"It's good that no Hellspawn could have come through that door with you..."

From the text at the end of episode 4:

"The Spider Mastermind must have sent forth its legions of Hellspawn before your final confrontation with that terrible beast from Hell."

Doom 2's subtitled is "Hell on Earth".

From the text before Doom 2 map07:

"Ahead you see an outpost of Hell, a fortified zone."

From the text before Doom 2 map12:

"There must be a way to close it on the other side. What do you care if you've got to go through hell to get to it?"

From the text at the end of Doom 2 map30:

"The monster shrivels up and dies, its thrashing limbs devastating untold miles of Hell's surface.

You've done it. The invasion is over. Earth is saved. Hell is a wreck".

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