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Having problems getting JDoom to work...

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Can anyone help me getting JDoom to work. I've installed it, and the .MD2 files, and so on, in the correct place, and it gets as far as playing the first couple of Doom music tones, before I hear the windows "problem" noise, and it stops. Pressing ESC (or any key) takes me back to windows.

This on trying to boot the D3D version. Any way round this?

Now it's saying Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 307204 bytes (or something close to that). Any help?

The "normal" version fails on "init" something or other, something to do with OpenGL (any way to fix that?). Error 1157, apparently...

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You don't appear to have sufficient memory, or haven't allocated enough to jdoom. Stimpee has a good guide to getting it running here:


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