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Guest zman

for anybody who is above average in HTML

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Guest zman

ehh crap i just realized that half my previus post was missing so here we go again :

anyway in short ... i'v been working for a while now on my new page (i'm a 3d artist as some of u know) with this guy who helped me on the actual code (i plan and design the layout and content and he wrote the actual html code the way i explained to him via icq)

anyway, the guy is missing for a long time now and i'm stuck and pissed off. i got like 90 % of the layout (really coool 1 !) done and i allready bought a domain name. all i need is to fill the content and make some other complex javascripting and finish some small layout detail.

anyway if anybody is above average with html (and if u know some javascripting it could help to) and is interested in helping me putting a real kick ass and original site online contact me

icq - 25846964
email - zman3d@nonstop.net.il

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