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Enemy/Demon/Whatever randomization

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You know how the first you played Doom/Doom2 the demons seemed to come out from nowhere and scared you, and the next 1000 times you played Doom/Doom2 when you saw the enemies, you just weren't scared anymore because you knew exactly what to expect?
I have two words to remedy this situation: Enemy Randomization.
Put something into the game that changes the demons' placements every time you play a particular level in D3. That way, you'd be guaranteed a few more scares every time you played the game. How 'bout that, fellows and girls? Tell me if you like me idea, ya bloody pigs!!

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Ooooo...nice idea. Very logical of course and I have to agree. That is one of the main factors to why Doom isn't "scary" anymore. We know exactly what to expect and where to expect it.

Great idea and someone should follow through with this.

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Guest cacoman

hmmm maby you could get a good pwad that you never played and then get a good scare out of that. or its just we are so used to the demon that it doesent scare us

its scary thou to see something pop up close behind you without you knowing it and when you tern around its a cacodemon as close to you as possible now thats pritty scary

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