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Guest dexter

What u wan't to see in doom3

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Guest dexter

what are 3 things you would most like to see kept in doom and the 3 you want to get rid of? for me it would be
1.)rocket launcher
2.)barons of hell
3.)double shotgun!!!!
get rid of:
1.)specters (they are shit)
2.)the view should be higgher up because when you are playing doom its feels like you 1ft tall
3.)not as many hell levels. Have some at the end but most should be like episode 1. Maybe as you progress through the setting everythings getting more demonic until you finally have to jump through a portal into hell

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Akimbo golden pistols that shoot ICBMS would be pretty gay :)

(hey-wait-im only bi-so i can only use one!-waa!)

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