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Guest zman

doom 1 error

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Guest zman

with all this messing around with doom i'v decided i want a lil' nostalgy
so i decided to install doom1 so i did and it gives me this problam:
r_init: " init doom refresh deamon......Z_changetag: an owner is required for purgable blocks "


i tried to load it with zdoom and it gave me an error message - " W_getnumforname:stbar not found!

any ideas how can i make the game work in any way ??

or perhpas can u give me a direct link to doom1 full ?

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Hmm, sounds like either a version mismatch or your iwad is phucked up. Try reinstalling.

If you don't have your original disc and you're not sure how long the nostalgia will last, you could always just try playing the demo with Legacy.

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