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doom GBA

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well it is a bit late for this but what the hell. i have owned doomGBA for a long ass time. anyway I must say it is ok and good for those fans of doom or the GBA. I gave it a 85%( gave wolf3d 95%) but it had many flaws. first off it was ported from one of the worst ports the jag/32x port. both cut out a ton of stuff. they could have made a newer port very easy, and cheap if not free! with better support, faster animation, better sound and graphics. i think they could have made there port very quickly and adapted well for the GBA. they could have gotten so much more out of a pure and new GBA port. they should have used a zdoom or boom port. also levels and the cyber-demon was cut, simply cause they where lazy and used an almost direct jag/32x port. music was not so great and sound could have been better. also a big minus was the "wimp out" factor that nintindo made caused by 9/11 and columbine. seeing that doom had an already bad image nintendo "edited" the game. however the bumped the teen rating of wolf3d to M and kept mortal combat in all its violent glory. i know david a palmer is not working on doom2 GBA so lets hope this other company does a much better job. i know the GBA can handle all of doom2 so for it to get 100% it better have all the original content, blood and all too!

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Doom II Guy said:

Because that would make too much sense.

/me shrugs
Some people don't have any sense...

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