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how do you convert mp3 to MOD files?

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Ok, so i can't import mp3s into the wad itself, but i know
that zdoom supports MOD music files, and it works, cuz i
played that level in newstuff that uses a MOD music
replacement, so is there a program that converts MP3 files
into MOD files?And, after i have done that, how do i go about
putting the MOD music file into the WAD?

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Guest kristus

You can't convert a Mp3 to mod. Unless you make it wav and then cut it up in chanks and insert them in a mod. but that's not a very good way to do it.

The best way would be to reproduce it in a program like scream tracker.

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actually you can import .mp3 to a wad for zdoom to play. Just remember that only the 1.23 beta versions can play mp3s not the 1.22 version :)

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