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Evil Doom1.0 released

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I have released my wad I thought was destroyed. I releaced it like a month ago, but I forget to tell ya'. I replaces ALL weapons, 4 monsters, 1 level, and DM & SP fun for everyone! >:)

Just go to the downloads @ Doomgalaxy.com

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WTF!? Jeremy, are you insane? I went to your downloads page to check out Evil Doom and I saw that you had the shareware v1.666 of Doom for download. What's that all about? Shouldn't you have v1.9? I know that there is a shareware v1.9 because when I had the shareware, that's the version I had. Please explain why you have v1.666 instead of v1.9.

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Guest cacoman

ok this mod is a littel good BUT there asre a lot of problems with it
1.there is a lot of HOM in the level
2.the fire element when thay die thay turn into lost souls diing instead of fire elements
3.the chain gun and several other wepons are out of alighnment
4. gosh man this level is like imposible to beat without cheating

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