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Guest s999cop

Doom projects Poll ?

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Guest s999cop

if not too many people want to play HR2 or HR1 , than what projects do you all like ? what's the difference or improvements than doom2 original ? huh

BECAUSE Hr2 is too excited *700 monsters!*

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s999cop said:

what projects do you all like ?

I like the projects Innocent Evil, found at www.geocities.com and No Hope For Life, at www.users.conninc.com/sampson/index.htm

Nothing to do with me editing for them, at all... Heh


Seriously, check out all the projects you can. I especially like to check out the ones by editors who are not well known, as there's always a diamond in the rough. Like the links above,
Innocent Evil's MAP03 is pretty cool (Now that it's improved) and E1M7 of NHFL is IMO something pretty special. Probably the best level of it.

And, 700 monsters? Give me the URL, I'll check it out.

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