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I need a little bit of help...

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If anyone has the doom 2 level mod Heroes2.wad (which is excellent by 95 standards by the way) I need help with identifying the particular wads and or music files that came with the WAD. Help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED because these songs all rock, and i can tell they werent made specifically for doom. I did a google search but i cant get the email address of the guy who compiled the levels- just the name "AL" whoever knows who this is (and maybe other projects hes done, thatd be dope too) can you give me an address?

so far i can clearly recognize only one -Level 5 is the "Phantom of the Opera" Theme. there are others that sound VERY familiar, but i cant pinpoint it, maybe if sombody could help me out.

The wad comes with text files for the individual files, im gonna search through the original wads, and then through the text files of my "Master Doom" CD for "replaced music?: Yes"

thanx in advance to anybody

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Ricorb, as well as a LOT of Shovelware (it was reeleased in the 1996 era i think

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I have the Heroes2 zip file it is 2.5 meg.

I do not have a site to post it on and can only offer to try and email to you. Maybe someone else can post it after you get it. Is it no longer on 3d archives?

I used to play it to death, I loved it.

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