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I have just gotten off my high horse and am going to try my hand at editing doom maps again. I have a nice collection of mapeditors but they are centuries old (translation, off of some dusty cd I bought back in '94).

I was wondering where I could go to get some tutorial about doom mapediting that is EASY to understand for a guy who knows jsut about nothing about doom mapediting. Also a place for some good, easy to use mapeditors would be appreciated too, as I am trying to get a good effective start on this. Nothing fancy like 3d floors in edge or all that neat spazzo stuff in boom or zdoom, I have to start with something that might work in normal doom.

Any advice on how to design a level so that it doesn't suck would be pretty cool too (bet that one flew over like a lead brick). Im sure alot of people would want to see that advice as well (dont read between the lines because m not saying anything there).

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Yep, that was a distress call.

BTW: im gonna change my face soon, probably something that looks like the "wizard" form quake because he's plain ugly (and would go well as the face for some sort of superbeing, face warped by unimaginable power). And i'll probably change my signature too.

I am going to sit my ass down and design a site for my "DeathTC" as well because the news guys at doomworld are getting pissed about me not having a site for my mod, now I jsut need to come up with a story and logo for it :) (hehe, harder than it looks).

Hell, if I do any good with this mapediting streak I might actually get into making map-based TCs!

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Guest ZarcyB

I started level designing ages ago, but I lost interest for a while because of all the cool new games that came out. Then I got back into it again when I found Doomworld. I have a couple of books on Doom editing, the Doom Hacker's Guide and the Doom Construction Kit. Both of them are pretty old, but still useful. The main editor I use is Wadauthor, cos It's the only one I find easy to use. I used to use DCK but :( no Windows support. I'm not a great level designer, I haven't finished anything but I know how to put a good level together. I was thinking about writing a tutorial on level design for newbies (I did that for UnrealEd) but I'm not sure. I've been very busy lately, but I might return to it sometime. I think Wadauthor is the best editor out there (although I wish I could find DCK for Windows) so you should maybe play about with that for a bit.

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Possibly the easiest editor to use is WadEd (Version 1.71 - NOT ANY NEWER VERSION! They suck), which everyone but myself seems to hate - the only reason I haven't wrote a newbie tutorial yet to go on my site.

Maybe they hate the bugs, but find ways around them, and you're Ok.

And, like everyone else, I'd recommend you get WadAuthor. NOW.
I can see that it's probably the best editor, it's just that I don't actually get on with it. I only use it for pasting together map segments created in WadEd (It's MS-DOS, so there is a limit to the map size).

And don't worry about having problems with being new to editing. I've only been doing the stuff for about 5 month now, and all the hiccups I had (And there are so many) are still fresh in my mind. I can help - as can most of the people who frequent this forum - they're actually pretty helpful.

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Guest cacoman

hay ya i use windue 5.4 and well it's a very good editor other then that it always says that the sector isnt closed. if that error whasint there i whould be so happpy with windue. i still use it

and wadathor hmmm sorry i just dont like the interface its too different

and deepsea sorry but that limit in it rilly sux

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If you were willing to install Mac-emulator or get a used Mac (perhaps on ebay) I would recommend the Mactintosh-based Wad editor "Hellmaker", which is very easy to use and has its mighty 3D-mode and high-speed node builder. I can remember that one wad author who comes here often uses a Mac-emulator on his PC, but I cannot remember his name.

Look at the Hellmaker-page:

The editor is discontinued, but the last beta is very complete and stable though.

And have a look on Afterglows´s tutorials here on Doomworld.

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I am well on my way to learning the ways of mapediting. I already have some "neat" features in mind to add to my maps such as hard to open doors and light posts.

I tried wadauthor and I dont liek it because it doesnt support multiple modes of editing, wont allow you to make vertexes and then "connect the dots".

I tried WinDEU and it's pretty good, straightforward. But unfortunatly it doesn't even allow you to see textures at all, but expects you to know what they all look like from memory. Cant get the 3d controls working, whatever they are, even though I have put it in my windows/system directory (and accidentially replaced one that was already there, without any problems).

Can't figure out how to keep myself from making sectors that arent closed though. Even though I select all the lines that are supposed to form the sector, and then make my sector, it still comes up as being "unclosed", and can't figure out how to fix 'em either.

THanx guys, still looking for waded.

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