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Anerexic Demons, next on Sally ;)

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Guess what? IT'S DONE!

Well, as I myself can only see the flaws of it, I can't tell if it's good. So, Like usual, I'll post it. =)

And if the above doesn't show:

So, what do you think? I have it's brother, the 3D Demon as well, But if I get a good responce, I'll post it up with new/better pics then before. =)

Also, I'll be putting this one in the freezer with it's brother, and working on the NEXT one soon, so post fast before it's cryo time for this puppy... ;^)


P.S. It lost quality when GIFing it, so it's a slightly diffrent color and lighter. :/ I didn't notice till I saw it on my post. Sorry. :O)

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Guest Deathtoll

er...the link is D E A D!

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