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Prepare for Hell...

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Catchy title, or no?
Well, wether or not you post "STOP SPAMMING", I must ask you to please visit www.doomgalaxy.com . I have made a HUGE change, well, finished off what I had planned to add. It looks good, trust me! It looks so profetional! And balala... it's 5:41 AM, goodnight, love you, cya in the morning...{j/k}
And yes DW people, just for the sake the DW is one of the sweetest DooMpages, regarding what I said earlier, I have a link to all the "good" pages. Oh yeah, I forgot, good night...HEY! WHERES MY MILK N' COOKIES!?

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Guest Duke Nukem

yo Jeremy. If you are going to spam (and yes you are), just write on your topic title something we would want to go to your site for, not everytime you update.

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