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Round-up of current ZDoom bugs

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note: I'd post this on the ZDoom forums, but notgod's been down for several days now. The DW General forum seems the best place, since no-one ever visits the Ports forum.

I've found all these bugs in v1.23 beta 10:

1) Slowdown with BFG - this happens when there's lots of enemies nearby, or you're close to a wall

2) Blank automap (except teleporters) - I have to switch "use default colours" to off and then to on again every time I load ZDoom; VERY annoying

3) Invunerability colours mess up - I noticed that aa shade of red and a shade of yellow, and possible others, aren't mapped to the inverse colours.

4) Random crashes - Very occassionally, ZDoom will simply crash for no apparent reason.

5) DeHackEd thing heights no longer supported - Bloody annoying, as it messes up 3D bridges.

Anyone found anything else?

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Here's a couple of more mundane, simple, aesthetic-type bugs
(once again using ZDoom v1.23 Beta 10):

- the bullet puff particles are offset to the left (sprites are okay).
- with the pistol and chaingun, the bullet holes in the walls are vertically offset from the crosshair/bullet-puff.
- the triangular menu bullet is a bit low (by about 2 pixels).
- if I press ESC to bring up the main menu, the second time I press ESC the game locks up :(
maybe this last one's a bit more serious than just aesthetics ;-)

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me too i check all day the ZDoom site and i see it's was down since 3 or4-5 days !
;((((((((((( snifffffffffff........................

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Guest cacoman

yes occationaly it can mess up all your settings and change them back to defalt whan it crashes. this has happend to me twice

o and this isnt a bug but its still enoying it cant do demo's (this might be due to the vertion i have)

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No ports except PRBoom (and maybe Boom) can play demos made with older versions of that port or with doom.exe / doom2.exe

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