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The following peeps are currently working on the following things concerning doom64.... NOTE: do NOT ask where you can download these things...... if it ain't listed by me, it is not available to da public yet because it IS part of the doom64 TC currently underway.

Elbryan42: graphics, new versions of the doom64/psx sounds, the psx/console/doom64 music tracks, and textures/flats. The status of the graphics can be seen on the doom depot (depot.wrong.button.com)

Esco: the original sounds, the palette for the game, the new sounds pack for it.

Kaiser: some sprites, textures, flats.

Ghostpilot: doom 64 conversion wad (http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct/doom64.htm), sprites for weapons and projectiles.

Lutarez: a level or two from doom64.

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