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Guest PFCGray

Hey, here's an idea!

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Guest PFCGray

Yet again, I know I should be posting this in the editing forum, but I never go there so I'm gonna post it here.

IF I ever learn how to edit levels, I wanna make a TC for DOOM 2 combining both my loves, DOOM and WWF! I wanna call it "RAW IS DOOM! (like RAW IS WAR!). Even though I only want to replace the first 3 levels and the 2 secret levels, I also want to replace the enemy sounds and graphics and also all the music......ALL OF IT! Not the items and weapons though. I've already gotten sound clips (I'm only missing 2) and MIDI's to replace with, but the hard part is changin the characters looks (I couldn't draw to save my life!)

Basically in the TC you're Commishoner Mick Foley (formally Cactus Jack [yes thats how I got my e-mail], Dude Love, and Mankind) tryin to leave the WWF but the wrestlers and some others are tryin to stop you.

Monster replacements are as follows:
private = Crash Holly
sergeant = Hardcore Holly
commando = Kurt Angle
imp = Al Snow (throws Head instead of fireballs)
demon/spectre = Chris "Y2J" Jericho
lost soul = Stone Cold skulls
cacodemon = Kane (just his head)
hell knight = The Rock
baron = Triple H
arachnotron = Jerry "The King" Lawler (one of the commentators)
pain elemental = Stone Cold Steve Austin (again, just his head. When he spits out 2 skulls both his hands suddenly appear next to his head with both middle fingers up)
revenent = Mark Henry
mancubus = Rikishi Phatu (I think it fits!)
archvile = X-Pac (does the "suck it" sign for his attack)
spider mastermind = Shane McMahon (son of Vince McMahon)
cyberdemon = Vince McMahon (owner of the WWF, he'll come with a cane)

Some of the sound replacments:
teleporter = fist second of Smackdown! theme
switch = ring bell (DING! DING! DING!)
weapon pickup = Cactus Jack saying "BANG! BANG!"
power-up pickup = fist word of The Big Show's theme (Wellllllllllllllll............)
injury = Mick Foley yelling "OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"
die = Mick Foley yelling "YOU'RE KILLIN ME MAN!!!!!!!!"
I also got sounds for the monsters, but that's too many to list right now.

Map01-Parking Lot
Map02-Concession Stands
Map31-Arena II (same as Map02 except with the secret exit to supersecret level added)
Map32-Hell In A Cell (just you and Vince [cyberdemon] in a steel cage with the only way out being a red door, which you can't get the key for until you defeat Vince. NO ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that's it. Please reply ONLY on the following conditions:

1. You know what I'm talking about and would want to give me better suggestions or say the idea sucks

2. This idea has already been thought up and I'm just wasting my time

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Guest Duke Nukem

I already made a wad like this. I never released it though. You could get a chair, go backstage, and climb turnbuckles too!

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Guest PFCGray

Hmmmmmmmmmmm......didn't think of that!

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Guest Lurmy

Ah! Another wrestling fanatic!

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