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Hey PFC, im as obsesed as you! :P

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-Doom, DoomII, FinalDoom, Doom64, Snes, 32x, Saturn, Jag Dooms.
-All 4 novels {Knee Deep, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky, Endgame}.
-The Doom Hackers Guide and CD.
-Ultimate Doom, Doom Trilogy pack, Maximum Doom.
-Doom Bookmarks.
-Home Made -T.
-Music Cd {Robert "Bobby" Prince} and tons of MP3's / Midi's.
-Desktop Theme. {Generations BG of Doom, Caco for mycomp, barrel for recycle bin, lost soul for my docs, bfg as loading sound, pistol as correct sound, Imp scratch as error..I made it myself :)
-Hell, im so nuts, I clipped out all of the Doom Related articles I could find, stacked them up, and put them in the giant crate that all of my other DooM stuff is in!
But I dont have the Primas Official Strat...Couldn't find it :P
I, am freaking obsesed! -Jeremy

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Guest c-d-w

Noooooo! Now I got that song stuck in my head, you bastard!! : )

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